About Us: Just as in 1992, the company continues to pride itself on being the only beverage product developer that can take a beverage idea “From Start Through Finish®.


Unleashing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

David DaFoe - Founder of Flavorman

In the early 1990s, Dave Dafoe left his corporate position at Brown-Forman Beverages to pursue his entrepreneurial passion: to be a beverage product developer. Like most start-ups, Flavorman’s early beginnings were quite modest. The company was “headquartered” in the founder’s condominium, and Dave’s early pursuits hinged on existing business relationships, like the one with Chiquita Brands.

In 1993, Chiquita Brands became Flavorman’s first customer. Chiquita asked the company to reformulate its Polynesian Passion fruit juice. The reformulation was so successful, Chiquita then asked Flavorman to reformulate its entire 100% juice line. This would become just the first of many development projects that would launch the company to international success in just a few short years.

Building the Flavorman Team to Keep Up with Demand

As word spread about Flavorman’s unique expertise, the company quickly began to assemble a team of experts in flavor development and product development to keep up with orders and to deliver on the company’s mission — to help clients “From Start Through Finish®.”

Lab technician developing new flavor

With a passion for making great beverages, the Flavorman team brings the best of both science and art to each and every project. Their total teamwork and collaborative approach has been a key ingredient in differentiating Flavorman as a pioneer in beverage innovation, speed-to-market and exemplary service.

Amassing an Impressive Client Roster — Across the Planet!

Some of the world’s leading food and beverage companies along with many entrepreneurs have turned to Flavorman for beverage development. Just one example is the Jones Soda Company. In the mid 1990s, the Jones Soda Company called on Flavorman to develop their original line of 10 sodas. As the relationship grew, Flavorman developed 15 more soda flavors along with all the Jones Naturals and WhoopAss Energy Drink.

airforce energy drink in a can

In fact, in its first fifteen years of business, the company has developed over 500 beverages for approximately 200 clients in the United States and in many other countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Iceland, Jamaica, Japan, and South Africa. In addition, we’ve assisted our clients with co-packing in foreign countries. Clients include Ocean Spray, Sunsweet Growers, Starbucks, the Kellogg Company, El Paso Chile Company, and the Ardea Beverage Company with its popular line of airforce® Nutrisodas®.

Poised for the Future

For the unleashed entrepreneur and his dedicated (and growing!) team of beverage development experts, the future is bright indeed. Confident about the booming beverage segment and a history of plan-full success, Flavorman recently acquired and renovated a large state-of-the-art development lab and office complex in downtown Louisville, KY.

What began as a one-dimensional consulting firm in the early 1990s has clearly grown into an international full-service beverage development company providing both large and small clients with all the expertise they need to bring a beverage to market – from concept development to manufacturing planning and quality control.