Written on January 6, 2017.

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Did ringing in the new year cause a terrible ringing in your head? How did you recover from the light sensitivity that had you to wearing your darkest pair of shades indoors and the overall grogginess that is a hangover? Some are turning to hangover recovery drinks as quick fixes to stop their suffering after a night of fun with friends.

Why do we get hangovers?

After an evening of drinking, you might expect to wake up with some physiological effects. Whether you consume beer, wine, vodka, bourbon, or anything else containing ethanol (aka alcohol), you could feel the effects of a hangover. Of course, you will only suffer the consequences if you drink too much.

How much is “too much”? Great question! Unfortunately, we cannot answer that for you because only you know how much alcohol you can safely consume. Your tolerance for alcohol and your ability to metabolize it depends on genetic factors (your gender, weight, BMI, metabolism, etc.) and environmental factors (rate at which you are consuming alcohol, if you have food in your system, if you are drinking water in between alcoholic drinks, etc.).

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Written on December 7, 2016.

Hard seltzer is all the rage these days, but how long will it be before people grow weary of the same old citrus flavors they’ve been getting? We’ve already started seeing some movement toward flavor combos like cherry-lime; but at Flavorman, we’re always on the lookout for the unexpected and delicious flavors. This time, we’re out to impress the Father of Fizz, Joseph Priestley, himself along with your crazy-healthy hippy aunt. So let’s dive in and explore some possible flavors and maybe inspire you to think of your own awesome flavor, which of course, we’d be happy to help you develop.

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Written on November 18, 2016.

There is no doubt a plethora of energy drinks on the market.  The question is, how are you going to be successful putting yet another one out there? There are a few key things to consider if you are set on energizing the world with a beverage all your own.


  1. What makes yours different? Whether it be a health benefit that sets yours apart or some crazy unique marketing scheme you have come up with, you need something to convince people your energy drink is better than the big brands that already run the market. It is going to be very difficult, maybe even impossible to beat the big guys on price, so be creative and come up with something that truly makes your drink unique. New ingredients are always on trend and a great way to differentiate your product.

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Written on September 20, 2016.

8th Street Ventures (Flavorman) Financials and News | 100 Fastest-Growing Inner City Businesses


Flavorman, founded in 1992 by current CEO and passionate flavor formulation aficionado, David Dafoe, creates, develops, and commercializes beverages for companies in every beverage category on every continent. In 2006, in an example of business needs overlapping with community needs, Dafoe turned an abandoned building in inner city Louisville with no windows, electricity, or running water into one of the nation’s preeminent beverage facilities. In 2013, Dafoe recognized there was no place in the country to learn how to open and operate a distillery so he purchased a dilapidated garage next door to Flavorman and opened Moonshine University, the only place in the United States dedicated to learning the distillery business. To date, with just more than 30 incredibly productive employees, the company has developed over 800 beverages for over 450 clients including four of the world’s five largest distilleries, educated almost 500 people in 15 countries about distilling and worked with such recognizable companies as Sunsweet, MillerCoors and Ocean Spray.



Written on September 9, 2016.

We wrote on BevNet earlier about the trends and challenges of meal replacement drinks in the RTD category, and one of the things we focused on was how flavor scientists typically mask some of the less appealing flavors delivered by various sources of protein. Usually, these are either fruity flavors like pineapple or they’re dessert flavors like chocolate for vanilla.

The problem with fruit and dessert flavors, however, is that we are supposed to be drinking something to replace a meal and not to replace a dessert. So, the Beverage Architects at Flavorman have brainstormed some more savory flavors to be considered:


Okay, that should get your attention. Yes, sushi. Why not? It would offer a little spice and little salt and it would pack a ton of flavor. You just have to get over the fact that it’s liquid.

Buffalo chicken

You’re going to have to work with us here, but buffalo chicken might work. Think of a spicy version of V8 and then think even spicier, and voila! The real question is blue cheese or ranch?

Bloody mary

Admittedly, most of us don’t drink bloody marys for the nutritional value. That being said, it could make for a nice lunch! And, don’t worry, it would be 100% alcohol free, so you won’t get fired for drinking on the job.

Peanut butter &

What better way to drink in your childhood than with a peanut butter and jelly flavored meal replacement drink? Heck, we don’t even have to stick with jelly. How about a peanut butter and coconut flavored drink?

Caramel Ginger

While not necessarily a flavor profile associated with dinner, we’re still intrigued by the sweet and salty caramel paired with the fresh and lemony ginger root. Could be worth a few lab hours just to try this one out.

These are just a few ideas we came up with, but we’re more interested in helping you perfect your idea. Just drop us a line and let’s get started.

Written on June 22, 2016.

If you read our BevNet article about the trends and challenges of hard sodas, then you already know that the “next big thing” in hard sodas will be a move from malt-based sodas with nostalgic flavors like root beer and hard lemonades to more neutral spirit-based sodas with craft flavors.

Generally, craft flavors pair a familiar flavor with a more unexpected flavor to create a new, refreshing taste. Sometimes, though, it can result in something you just have to try.

So let’s dive into some flavor combinations from Louisville area chefs and foodies that have passed the high standards set by Flavorman’s acclaimed Beverage Architects.

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Written on April 8, 2016.

Dave | Headshot | Flavorman | SBA

Louisville’s David Dafoe wins Kentucky’s SBA top honors

In Kentucky, Mr. David Dafoe, Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Flavorman and Distilled Spirits Epicenter in Louisville, was named the SBA Kentucky 2016 Small Business Person of the Year. Mr. Dafoe founded Pro-Liquitech International in 1992 after being employed at the Brown-Forman Beverage Company, where he developed highly successful new products. Pro-Liquitech evolved into Flavorman, an international custom beverage production company. Its impressive client list includes internationally known brands and some of the world’s largest distilleries. Flavorman secured three SBA loans to grow the business and relocate near downtown Louisville, kick starting a revitalization of the area. In 2012, David founded Flavorman’s sister company, the Distilled Spirits Epicenter, on the Flavorman campus. The Distilled Spirits Epicenter is made up of three distinct and collaborative parts: Moonshine University, Grease Monkey Distillery and Challenge Bottling. Leaders attribute their success to the team. Flavorman and the Distilled Spirits Epicenter currently have 30 full time and four part time employees.




Written on March 25, 2016.

If you’ve been reading BevNet recently, you may have seen our article about the trends and challenges with cold-brewed coffee. The tl;dr version of the article is that cold-brewed coffee sales are up, but if you’re considering selling cold-brew coffee then you’ve got to watch out for short shelf lives, refrigerated distribution logistical nightmares, and limited manufacturing options. In other words, you’ll be better off using cold-brew as an ingredient in an RTD product.

Written on February 15, 2016.

Dwayne Freeman of Appalachian Moonshine shares the story of his moonshine distillery in Ripley, WV and the wide variety of flavors he created with Flavorman.

Written on February 11, 2016.

WDRB | Flavorman | Ballotin | Whiskey | Chocolate

Chocolate plus whiskey.

What could be a more winning combination?

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey has got you covered.




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