There is no doubt a plethora of energy drinks on the market.  The question is, how are you going to be successful putting yet another one out there? There are a few key things to consider if you are set on energizing the world with a beverage all your own.


  1. What makes yours different? Whether it be a health benefit that sets yours apart or some crazy unique marketing scheme you have come up with, you need something to convince people your energy drink is better than the big brands that already run the market. It is going to be very difficult, maybe even impossible to beat the big guys on price, so be creative and come up with something that truly makes your drink unique. New ingredients are always on trend and a great way to differentiate your product.

  1. Does it taste good? This is key to any beverage, because if it isn’t palatable no one is going to want to drink it. No matter what kind of spin you put on the packaging or message you weave into your advertising-it has to taste good. If you are adding vitamins or other ingredients to make it a functional drink, you may run into some unsavory tastes. Don’t fret though, there are ways around it, and lucky for you that’s where we can help! It’s kind of our thing.


  1. Is it accessible? Distribution can be one of the trickiest parts of launching your own beverage brand. You have to convince the distributors and retail locations that your drink is the and they must put it on their shelves! Let’s just say, having people skills will definitely come in handy for this part. Charm, weasel, or shove your way in, whatever it takes to get your energy drink out to the masses.


  1. Get creative. Who says you even have to distribute through traditional channels? Why not sell directly to the consumer? Who says energy drinks have to be in a can? There are some crazy inventive ways of packaging out there to try. Thinking outside the box in any way you can will make trying to enter a market that is already saturated, that much easier. Let your crazy ideas run wild in the planning stages, you never know when you might strike gold.
Written on November 18, 2016.