Scott Reed – Blending Specialist

Our Day in the Life blog series takes a closer look at our team members to see what it takes to change what the world is drinking!

What does a typical day look like for you?

“It is always busy. On Monday, everyone comes in to look at the production schedule and the production team starts producing and pulling materials needed for the first few batches. I will start testing flavors and getting shipments ready to send that were previously made. At the same time, the production team is managing orders coming in that need to be made. The client sets a production day at the plant and relies on us to complete our work by a certain day. If we get delayed on products that are shipping to us, late arrivals will delay our production and can cause issues. There are a lot of parts and additives coming in and people working out on the production floor; we all must come together to make it successful. Production is like a big puzzle. The team is responsible for making the product. It is then passed on to me to test, taste, and from there it goes to shipment. Once we test it, it can be bottled, boxed, or stored and then shipped out.”

What is the favorite part of your job in the production team?

“My favorite part is when the production of our beverage is finished and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing the project. Even if there are delays, the sense of accomplishment is there when I complete a project.”

How is this job different than previous jobs?

“My current job is quite different because I was previously employed in produce management. I was responsible for taking inventory of produce, caring for the produce, and reworks. In a way, it is similar to the current work I am doing because of first-in, first-out structure we work with here at Flavorman.”

What are some common issues you experience as part of your job?

“We have everything planned on schedule. We try to maintain a steady schedule during production. However, sometimes delays occur. For example, we may have something scheduled for Thursday and we are expecting it to come in on Wednesday; it may be delayed and not show up on time. This will push our entire schedule back and cause delays in production for Friday. Our schedule is constantly changing, and we have to learn to adapt to unexpected situations or problems.”

What does your job entail that you didn’t expect or were surprised by?

“In just about everything we do here in Flavorman production, there are so many working parts that must function together to ensure the success of the production. At first, these little details may not be considered essential to making the production process successful but are truly necessary to create a complete and finished product.  I too was surprised by this and had to learn how to quickly adjust to my work environment.”

What is the most memorable experience of your job?

“There was one day in our old building I will never forget. There was an individual who was helping me fill a drum with a hose (we do this process differently now). This person, for some reason, decided to look at hose while it was filling the drum. When the hose was lifted, it hit the edge of the drum and caused the mix to drench the walls and this person’s clothes. They were wearing a light-yellow shirt that was completed stained with green; their hair was drenched, and our production room was painted. They panicked and couldn’t get the hose back in the drum and it continued to spill everywhere! I look back on that moment light-heartedly.”

What is your favorite drink?

“Mr. Pibb Zero – its hard to find, but I love it.”

Written on April 9, 2019.