APRIL 20, 2015

9:00AM – 5:00PM


Before branding, marketing, and sales, a thousand decisions about your product need to be made to position your company for success.  Spend a day at Beverage Bootcamp learning the ins and outs of creating a successful commercial beverage.  In this day-long class you will learn:


  • How the beverage development process affects your overall business plan.
  • How a commercially viable beverage differs from a home recipe.
  • Ingredient interactions and the feasibility of specialty drinks
  • How decisions made during the development process affect your Route-to-Market plan
  • Packaging and preservation options
  • General costs, minimums, and timelines
  • How to choose a contract manufacturer
  • How to recognize best business practices in suppliers and manufacturers
  • How quality testing affects the bottom line
  • What regulatory paperwork must be filed and who is responsible for submitting what
  • How to obtain a Certificate of Label Approval

A great tasting product is only a small portion of the battle. But without it, you have nothing. So make sure you work hard to have the best tasting beverage that you can possibly create.”

– Bob Safford, Joia All Natural Soda

AGENDA: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Continental breakfast + lunch will be provided.

We will cover alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage formulation and production.  Class also includes visual and tasting demonstrations, a tour of Flavorman’s Beverage Campus (Lab, Blending Operation, Bottling Line, and Distillery.)

  • Overview of Beverage Business and Beverage Development
  • Home Recipe vs. Commercial Formulation
  • Building Basics (Sensory Demonstration):
    • Sweeteners
    • Acids
    • Colors
    • Flavor
  • Ingredient Interactions (Visual Demonstration)
  • Packaging and Preservation Methods
  • Scale-up and Specifications (Labels)
  • Shelf Life
  • Manufacturing and QC
  • Tour
  •  Beverage Alcohol Development
    • Class and Type
    • Compliance:
      • Flavor
      • Formula
      • COLA