You may have seen friends on social media posting pictures of their coffee lately, and the weird thing is, everyone seems to be making the same thing.

So what’s on the menu? It’s a completely DIY whipped drink called dalgona coffee.

Spurred in part by closures of coffee shops and cafés across the globe, coffee lovers have become their own baristas, and this South Korean drink has quickly become an at-home favorite worldwide.


Dalgona coffee made its debut in January on South Korean television show, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Stuarant. During this episode, actor Jung Il-woo tried the coffee and said it reminded him of a popular Korean spongy toffee candy called dalgona.

The name stuck, but the drink recipe itself didn’t go viral until a month later when Korean Youtuber “ddulgi” posted a video showing viewers how to make the tasty drink. This video couldn’t have come at a better time.

As the rise of the novel coronavirus disrupted lives across the globe, it forced businesses to shutter and people to stay in their homes. Without their usual haunts, coffee lovers have had to get creative to find their caffeine fix elsewhere. Luckily, dalgona coffee provides the perfect solution.


Dalgona Coffee Goes DIY

At first glance, dalgona coffee looks deceivingly complex. That’s actually part of the reason the drink has become so popular — it’s a Starbucks-level coffee made with simple steps and budget-friendly ingredients.

Making your own is so easy and the result is delicious. All you need to do is heat up two tablespoons of water, then mix in two tablespoons each of instant coffee and sugar. And when we say mix, we do mean MIX. This part will take a while by hand, so we suggest using a hand mixer if you have one (if not, consider it your quarantine arm workout!) Once the solution has formed frothy, stiff peaks, just scoop it into a glass of your favorite cold or hot milk.

Don’t forget to snap a picture for social media, then combine the whipped coffee top layer with the milk underneath for the perfect sip! You’ll discover a medley of bitter and sweet, complemented by a velvety, soft mouthfeel.


A Universal Love of Coffee

While the creation of dalgona coffee has been attributed to South Korea, other countries have had their own versions of whipped coffee drinks for quite some time. India and Pakistan boast a tasty phenti hui, while Greece has been serving the traditional frappé for years.

With a delightful aesthetic, cloud-like texture, and sophisticated taste, dalgona coffee is just the latest evolutionary take on our universal love of coffee. And this drink is already inspiring a new generation of flavorful treats. Look online and you can find an array of variations to spruce up your dalgona coffee. Looking for something sweeter? Dress it up as a cookie dough latte. Want coffee for dessert? Then try dalgona as a tiramisu, a frozen popsicle, or simply fold in some whipped cream to make the coffee mixture a pastry filling. The possibilities are endless.

Dalgona coffee has changed what the world is drinking, and you can too! If you’ve got an idea for a great coffee beverage, the development experts at Flavorman can help you bring it to life. Just fill out this web form or give us a call at (502) 273-5214 to get started.


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Written on April 22, 2020.