Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev

One of the most enjoyable aspects of consuming a beverage can be listening to the crisp fizz when opening a soda bottle.

Little do people know that on this day (February 2nd) in 1892, Irish engineer William Painter developed the bottle cap, which is still used on glass bottles today. A few years prior, Painter worked with beverage manufacturers to create a universal glass neck for all bottles. Painter went on to build his Fortune 500 Company, Crown Holdings Inc. Following the development of the bottleneck, Painter set out to create a universal bottle cap that could fit any and all glass bottle. His creation was dubbed the crown cork – a name inspired by the shape of the British Queen’s crown. Painter is also responsible for the invention of the bottle opener and is the reason why modern beer and specialty soda bottles are shaped so artfully. Even in the 1800s, inventors like William Painter were changing how the world was drinking!

Written on February 2, 2019.