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Back before “Functional Beverages” were even a thing, we were creating functional beverages. In the early aughts, a small entrepreneurial company name Ardea approached Flavorman to develop a line of soft drinks. The company’s goal was to offer an ever-expanding line of drinks to provide real wellness benefits, to taste good, and to satisfy four consumer expectations:

  • Revitalize, with healthy nutrients
  • Pass the diabetic test with flying colors
  • Appeal to students as a refreshing alternative to sugar-laden sodas
  • Mix well in colorful cocktails, mocktails, and smoothies

That was quite a challenge, but Flavorman met and surpassed every one of them. Natural fruit flavors were combined with meaningful levels of vitamins and minerals to improve wellness with every sip. The drinks were sold as Nutrisoda, refreshing carbonated nutrient-enhanced sodas with zero sugar, caffeine, sodium, or aspartame.

With our support, that small company grew and positioned itself for an alliance with a leader in the national beverage industry:  Strong sales led to Nutrisoda being acquired by Pepsi, freeing Ardea’s founders to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures, both times choosing Flavorman as their R & D partner. It is a prime example of how we collaborate with our clients over many years.

Written on July 31, 2018.