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“I recently took over as coordinator of the Shelf Life Program at Flavorman. After about 2 months of tasting the wide variety of products currently in our program, I learned a lot about how different ingredients perform throughout the product’s shelf life.”

The most common comments we make during shelf life tastings include:

“Stevia loses its sweetness intensity.”
“Natural colors fade. Quickly.”
“Citrus flavors oxidize.”
“Vitamins turn brown.”
“Thiamine (Vitamin B1) tastes meaty.”
“Juices become ‘cooked’ tasting and brown.”
“Omega 3’s taste fishy!!”

Even with as much as we know and as many shelf life studies as we have conducted, we can never be certain exactly how a product will perform on the shelf. Each product is different and has a life of its own!

However, after doing Shelf Life for hundreds of products, we have learned a lot about every ingredient and every type of beverage. We can predict how something will perform and advise against any ingredients that age poorly.

Our customers’ successes are our successes, and we strive to not only make the best tasting, but the most functional products on the market!

Kristen Wemer, Lab Director & Beverage Architect

Written on April 5, 2013.