In the modern technology age, we are all able to access information on any topic at the touch of our fingers. With a wealth of information at our disposal, our access to these resources has also led to a need for transparency across industry operations.

Likewise, the beverage industry is no different. Many companies have started opening up operations to its consumer base to increase demand and trust in both the product and the company. While we consciously aim to change what the world is drinking, transparency is an important aspect of client relationships at Flavorman. Since 1992, Flavorman’s  Founder/CEO David Dafoe has striven to incorporate transparency in the company’s operations from idea development to the creation of a physical beverage:

“Our clients and customers have every right to know what is in their beverage. Because we have nothing to hide, transparency is the basis of our operations here at Flavorman. Not only do we thoroughly discuss the process beforehand, we ensure that our clients are aware of the costs and considerations when developing their product. When the final product is created, we assure the beverage consumer is aware of what they are consuming by clearly listing all active ingredients on the product label. Transparency is an important ideal that holds companies accountable to their consumers and encourages constructive relationships.”

At Flavorman, we not only change what the world is drinking, but our transparency also allows us to show the world just how we strive to do so.

Written on March 14, 2019.