By now, you’ve likely heard of whipped coffee– but what about whipped hot chocolate? That’s right, following in the footsteps of the famously fluffy dalgona coffee, this winter classic has recently gotten an upgrade thanks to the innovative spirit of TikTok-ers everywhere.

As long as you haven’t been off of the Internet throughout your self-quarantine, it’s easy to see why dalgona coffee took off when it did– and why hot chocolate has become the next big thing.


From Dalgona to Whipped Hot Chocolate

After making its January debut on the South Korean television show, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Stuarant, dalgona coffee went viral on the wildly popular video sharing app, TikTok– just in time for pandemic-related lockdowns to take effect worldwide. During a time when many of our favorite coffee shops were forced into temporary shutdowns, dalgona coffee was welcomed for its Starbucks-level aesthetic and straightforward, budget-friendly recipe.

Only requiring three ingredients, the steps for making a dalgona are simple. Just heat up two tablespoons of water, then whip in two tablespoons each of instant coffee and sugar. Once the solution has formed frothy, stiff peaks, just scoop it into a glass of your favorite cold or hot milk. The result is creamy, fluffy, sweet, and caffeinated.

Of course, now that we are well into Fall (and still continuing to adjust to pandemic-related limitations), consumers have had plenty of free time to innovate their go-to whipped drink recipes. Fueled by the changing of the seasons, whipped hot chocolate is only the latest obsession for those seeking an alternative to the dalgona– and content for their TikTok channels.


Whipping Up a Whipped Hot Chocolate

So how do you make it? The simplest take calls for swapping the instant coffee in a typical dalgona recipe for cocoa powder (or any hot chocolate mix); but some consumers also suggest that trading out the hot water for 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream eases the process of creating the drink’s signature whipped texture.

And it doesn’t have to stop there. Like the dalgona, whipped hot chocolate is also completely customizable. Serve it hot or cold, use it as a topping for a traditional hot chocolate or a topping for a glass of cold milk. Get even more creative by adding flavors like hazelnut, cinnamon, or maple syrup. Throw in marshmellows, hot fudge, chocolate shavings– you name it. The possibilities are endless.

With a delightful aesthetic, cloud-like texture, and comforting taste, whipped hot chocolate is just the latest evolutionary take on our universal love of whipped drinks. And this drink is already inspiring a new generation of flavorful treats. When you’re ready for something new, try a whipped Nutella, strawberry milk, matcha– or something else the Internet hasn’t thought of yet.

Whipped drinks have changed what the world is drinking, and you can too! If you’ve got an idea for a great whipped beverage, the development experts at Flavorman can help you bring it to life as a commercial formula. Just fill out this web form or give us a call at (502) 273-5214 to get started.


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Written on October 14, 2020.