We wrote on BevNet recently about the trends and challenges of meal replacement drinks in the RTD category, and one of the things we focused on was how flavor scientists typically mask some of the less appealing flavors delivered by various sources of protein. Usually, these are either fruity flavors like pineapple or they’re dessert flavors like chocolate for vanilla.

The problem with fruit and dessert flavors, however, is that we are supposed to be drinking something to replace a meal and not to replace a dessert. So, the Beverage Architects at Flavorman have brainstormed some more savory flavors to be considered:


Okay, that should get your attention. Yes, sushi. Why not? It would offer a little spice and little salt and it would pack a ton of flavor. You just have to get over the fact that it’s liquid.

Buffalo Chicken

You’re going to have to work with us here, but buffalo chicken might work. Think of a spicy version of V8 and then think even spicier, and voila! The real question is blue cheese or ranch?

Bloody Mary

Admittedly, most of us don’t drink bloody marys for the nutritional value. That being said, it could make for a nice lunch! And, don’t worry, it would be 100% alcohol free, so you won’t get fired for drinking on the job.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

What better way to drink in your childhood than with a peanut butter and jelly flavored meal replacement drink? Heck, we don’t even have to stick with jelly. How about a peanut butter and coconut flavored drink?

Caramel Ginger

While not necessarily a flavor profile associated with dinner, we’re still intrigued by the sweet and salty caramel paired with the fresh and lemony ginger root. Could be worth a few lab hours just to try this one out.

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Written on September 9, 2016.