So you’re one of the millions of people who have discovered the miraculous restorative properties of CBD oil. However, you’ve discovered it causes a side effect: an entrepreneurial itch. So how do you scratch that itch and deliver a new CBD product to the market? From the outside, it looks complicated: a fast-growing market with a lot of competition and even more regulation. But with the right help, it’s easy.

Step 1: Decide what you’re making

Not as straightforward as it sounds. Are you going to make a flavored oil? A beverage? Chewables? If you say “everything”, you’re probably jumping the gun a little bit. Figure out what market you want to enter and design a product that can win in that area. We develop drinks at Flavorman, so we want to help you make a tasty functional beverage or drinkable oil. If you want to go that direction, call us. If you want to go another direction, that’s great, too. Some of the info below won’t apply to you, but the next section applies to EVERYONE:

Step 2: Find your source

CBD is a little like the Wild West these days. Products vary wildly in terms of flavor, quality, and reliability. You’re going to want to find a source for bulk CBD. It could be in oil form or powder form, oil soluble or water soluble, and so on. Additionally, you must find a supplier whose product tastes the same every time. This is really important – if your starting ingredients don’t have a consistent taste, you’ll have zero chance of making sure your finished product will taste the same to your customers. Zero. Chance.

So how do you make sure your bulk CBD tastes the same every time? Simple: Ask your supplier where they are getting it from. Are they using the same farmers for every batch? The same species of plant? What kind of quality control measures do they have? It’s worth getting into the weeds on this one. It really is that important.

 Step 3: Formulation

This is the most important step in turning your idea into a finished product. Your development partner has to come up with the recipe for your drink or oil. This is called a formulation. The process for developing a formulation is essentially repetition – adding different ingredients in different proportions and tasting until you find the perfect balance of flavor, aroma, mouth-feel, and performance. When you reach the end of this process with Flavorman, you’ll receive 100 units of your new formula that you can use to demo for retailers and distributors, and to get feedback from friends, family, and neighbors.

While you do that, our trusty engineers will scale-up your final beverage formulation for mass production. This is where we take the measurements from grams and milliliters to pounds and gallons. This is where we also do shelf-life quality control tests to ensure your products stability. While we’re at it, we’re going to make sure you’re meeting every regulatory requirement there is to meet. Fun stuff! Important… but fun!

Step 4: Logistics

Now it’s time to figure out who is actually going to bottle your drink or oil. Can they manufacture your product? Where should they be located? We will work with you to find the perfect manufacturer for your needs. We’ll help you source any additional ingredients for your product, and we’ll be at your first production run to help solve any problems that crop up. (You’re making something brand new – problems insatiably crop up.)

Step 5: Share it with the world

CBD source? Check. Delicious formulation? Check. Production-ready? Check. Quality assured? Double-check. Now it’s time to roll out your new brand and let the public taste your dream product. And, if you should ever need anything else, we’ll be there every step of the way, from Start through Finish!

And that’s how you start a CBD company.

Written on July 20, 2018.