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History Photo “Someone comes to us with an idea, a dream. We have a responsibility to that dream, to put the energy and expertise into developing an exceptional beverage that will be the foundation of future success in this industry.”

The Flavorman Himself

Flavorman and Distilled Spirits Epicenter founder David Dafoe is one of the country’s foremost authorities on flavor. Recognizing the need for technical innovation in the beverage industry, Dave created a company that specializes in the technical side of beverage development. His insistence on setting the highest standards for research, quality, and client support has made Flavorman a trend-setting force. Flavorman’s unique, collaborative approach to client relationships sets it apart in a competitive industry.

Our Story
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Our Story

“Making a beverage is hard. We know; we do it every day.”

Ask Dave Dafoe about the strangest drink he’s ever made, and the answer will fall somewhere between sushi moonshine and green bean casserole soda. “We can get dead-on with these things, and we like the challenge. But they tasted horrible.” It is true. Most people do not like to drink their favorite meal. These novelty flavor requests come mostly from hosts of national television shows like Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” and Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners”, and Flavorman is always up to the challenge.

A graduate of Miami University in Ohio, Dave launched his career in Louisville, Kentucky at Brown-Forman Corporation, developing some of the global spirits giant’s biggest brands. In the early 1990s he struck out on his own, starting a modest beverage development consulting company with the unique mission of helping clients from start through finish®. Dave’s first customer? Chiquita Brands.

As word spread about Flavorman’s innovative approach and collaborative methods, companies like Ocean Spray, Sunsweet Growers, and Kellogg started calling. Dave worked hard to assemble a specialized team of experts in beverage product development to keep up with orders and expand Flavorman’s services.

“We don’t see it as working for our clients; we work with them to develop their product and get it through production.”

Though developing drinks behind major brands for global companies is a gateway to notoriety, client confidentiality is integral to Flavorman’s excellent reputation in the industry. Flavorman makes custom beverages for clients. Many of those clients prefer not to disclose who does their beverage development work, and that is a decision Dave wholly respects and supports. “So even though I can’t tell you most of the drinks we’ve developed, I can guarantee you’ve enjoyed something we’ve made.”

Beverage entrepreneurs have always been the cornerstone of Flavorman’s success. No one understands the passion, vision, and risk involved in starting a company better than Dave, and he takes great pride in structuring Flavorman’s services to walk clients through the technical ins and outs of developing and manufacturing the product that will be the foundation of their business.

“We have established our business model so that our success is entirely tied up in our clients’ success.”

With a passion for making great beverages, the Flavorman team brings the best of both science and art to every project. Their total teamwork and collaborative approach has been key in differentiating Flavorman as a pioneer in beverage innovation, speed-to-market, and exemplary service.

Some of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, along with hundreds of entrepreneurs, have turned to Flavorman for beverage development. What began as a one-man consulting firm in the early 1990s has grown into an international full-service beverage development company providing both large and small clients with all the expertise they need to bring a beverage to market – from concept development to manufacturing planning and quality control.

The Beverage Campus

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Leadership + Team : Your Team

Leadership Photo

David Dafoe

Owner + CEO

Peter V. Eberle

Chief Strategy Officer

Scott Weddle

Chief Operating Officer, FSQMS

Kristen Wemer

Director, Beverage Architect, FSQMS

Tom Gibson

Director, Flavor Architect

Jon Wood

Director, Business Services

Ted Roszel

Director of Quality & Production, FSQMS

Colin Blake

Director of Spirits Education, Moonshine University

Cory Pierce

Senior Beverage Architect

Katie Clark

Lab Manager

Matt Madden

Relationship Architect

Krysti Lewis

Customer Service

Chris Renninger

Production Manager, FSQMS

Matt Hurst

Beverage Quality, FSQMS

Walter Willingham

Beverage Quality, FSQMS

Scott Reed

Blending Specialist, FSQMS

Chris Turner

Blending Specialist

Chris Fante

Production Specialist

Paul Martin

Production Specialist

Evel Clark

Shipping & Receiving Coordinator

Michael Ware

Technical/Regulatory Specialist

Connor Shaughnessy

Associate Beverage Architect

Dorian Joseph

Associate Beverage Architect

Steven Fleischauer

Associate Beverage Architect

Kadeja Davis

Associate Beverage Architect

Jordan Plappert

Graphic Designer

Rachel Knowles

Marketing & Communications Manager

Daniel Gerken


Kevin Hall

Corporate Development

Clay Smith

Distillery Operations Manager, Moonshine University

Lindsey Davis

Administrative Assistant