Remember a time when science wasn’t cool? That time was never.

We love what we do; we create custom beverages. Access to the newest ingredients, superior technical expertise, and cutting-edge technology have allowed Flavorman to streamline its process. We collaborate with our clients to create and produce the best products on the market.

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  • “[Our beverage] needed to be distinctive and great tasting, refreshing, and ultimately fun to hold in your hand at a party or restaurant.”
  • Discuss your next big idea

    It starts with a phone call. Or an email. Tell us about your big idea: What do you want to make? What kind of drink? What do you want it to taste like? What do you want it to look like? Are there certain ingredients you have in mind that you want to use?

    This is our jumping-off point. We discuss the feasibility of your beverage idea, the process it would require, so that we can then give you a general idea of what you're getting into.

    Once we’ve spent some quality time getting to know each other, discussing the details of your project and our role in bringing it to life, it’s time to make our relationship official. We’ll write a contract detailing your project that includes the scope of work, a timeline, and the cost. Once we agree and sign, it’s time to dive right in!

  • Collaborate, Taste
    + Revise

    You’ll be introduced to the Lab Team through a kick-off call. You will communicate with them directly as you work together to build your dream beverage.

    Within 10 business days, we'll ship your first round of samples. One of these will ultimately become your beverage, the one you’ll produce and send out to the world! After all of the planning and designing that went into your drink, it's finally time to taste it. You'll receive a guide book with your prototypes in which you can record your tasting notes in order to give the Lab Team the most accurate feedback.

    Of course, there are going to be revisions! Most likely we won’t knock it out of the park on the very first try, but we’ll get mighty close. That’s why your feedback is so important. The perfect beverage usually takes a few rounds of revisions to get it just right. Once we are just about there, we may schedule an onsite Lab Day where you will work directly with the Lab Team to finish up the final revisions and reach the Final Formulation.

  • “We started to get excited when the first samples showed up. The Flavorman team took our ideas and input and put them to work.”
  • “The role Flavorman offers is critical! They provide pre-mixed formulations with incredible production support that enables you to sell.”
  • Plan, prepare +

    Once we reach your Final Formulation, we send you 100 units of your beverage. Many of our clients find these samples useful for investor meetings, marketing, website content, press releases, distributor meetings, and pre-sale. Now it’s time to prepare for production.

    Your beverage formulation goes to process engineering. This is where our experts scale-up your formulation from grams and milliliters on the lab bench to pounds and gallons for production. We also help with contract manufacturer selection, prepare nutrition/supplement facts, source ingredients, prepare batching instructions, and submit any paperwork required by regulatory guidelines.

    We ship your custom-blended Flavorman ingredients to your co-packing facility, where they will batch and package your beverage. Now you're ready to ship your final product to your retailers, distribution center, or storage facility. We highly recommend that a Flavorman Team Member be present at your first production to ensure quality and to troubleshoot, if necessary.

  • Quality testing + assurance

    Flavorman runs a range of tests to ensure the quality of your beverage, beginning in the development stage and continuing on through the final product. This not only helps us identify and eliminate any potential problems with the formulation, but also helps us understand how your beverage will perform over time.

    We use a process that simulates your drink’s potential lifespan, or the length of time before it’s considered unsuitable for sale, use, or consumption. We want to know how the flavor, color, taste, and aroma will hold up over time in various conditions. This is crucial to ensuring a consistent, quality beverage.

  • “We had to make sure that the conditions were just right for the cream-based liqueur. If the products were not at the correct pH or if the ingredients were added in the incorrect order, the protein in the cream base would denature and become chunky. This could be a nightmare during production.”
  • “Nothing has made me more proud than to see our homemade creations being sold in stores! It's still mind boggling to this day!”
  • Share with the world

    It’s time to hit the streets and get your beverage out to consumers. And your team at Flavorman is still hard at work as a resource for you with support services and continued quality testing on your production samples. Need something? Give us a call. You’re family now!

  • Plan for
    the future

    So you’re a success; now what? You’re probably going to need more product, and when the consumer response is really good, it could be time to look at new flavors or expressions to enhance your brand. We can help you plan, source, and implement your next strategy, all the while continuing to identify cost-saving efficiencies. From Start Through Finish®, Flavorman is there for you.

  • “This is our third business started with Flavorman. Two have successfully been sold to major corporations. We would not be where we are today without Dave Dafoe.”