What is beverage development?

Beverage development is the technical term for the process of creating a commercial drink. A commercial beverage is developed with the intention of selling to consumers.

The “recipe” for a commercial beverage is called the formulation. A custom beverage formulation is comprised of components like flavor, color, sweetener, acids, vitamins, minerals, and functional additives like caffeine, herbal extracts, and preservatives. Unlike a kitchen-recipe drink, a commercial beverage needs to meet FDA guidelines and needs to be consistently duplicated.


What is the process of developing my beverage?

It all starts with a phone call or email. Our Business Development Team will listen to your idea, answer your questions, and discuss the best way to go about creating your beverage. When you are ready to start, we will send a proposal outlining the parameters of your project.


Does Flavorman sell private-label beverages?

No. Every beverage we create is a custom formulation based on the collaboration between Flavorman and our clients. Our beverages are developed on a project-by-project basis. Therefore, we do not sell private-label products.


What is the difference between Flavorman and a “flavor house”?

A “flavor house” is a company that manufactures ready-made flavors and fragrances for many industries such as food, beverage, and cosmetics.

In contrast, Flavorman is a custom beverage development company. We work one-on-one with each client to develop the beverage to that particular client’s specifications.


What brands have Flavorman helped develop?

We have developed the drinks behind hundreds of brands and thousands of products. Our clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to some of the biggest names in the global market. While some brands you may not recognize, others are household names. However, most of our clients prefer that the work we do for them remains confidential. We greatly respect this confidentiality, and that allows us to serve each of our clients with the energy and dedication necessary.


Does Flavorman assist with distribution, branding, and marketing?

No. Flavorman is strictly a technical company, and beverage development is our primary focus. We develop products for our clients, and our clients retain sole ownership of their formulations. Flavorman does not own or market any brand, which allows us to service our clients with the diligence and confidentiality they require, without conflicting interests.


How much does it cost to develop a beverage?

We charge a project fee to develop a beverage. This fee covers a small portion of the resources used and depends on the complexity of the project, the timetable required, and the desired ingredients for inclusion. We can give you an idea of the cost to develop your beverage once we know more about your project.


Is Flavorman willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?

As a practice, we do execute confidentiality agreements. Mutual non-disclosure agreements are common documents that allow individuals and businesses to fully discuss their confidential projects without fear that the other party will wrongfully use or disclose their confidential or proprietary information. At Flavorman, we never want our prospective clients to feel uncomfortable. Our approach to new and all business is to be candid and open and to create a good and comfortable relationship.


If Flavorman develops my beverage, who owns the formulation?

Flavorman does not own or sell any brands. We develop products for our clients, and our clients retain sole ownership of their formulations.