Soluble CBD Oil: Flavorman, the leading global innovator and incubator for beverage creation, has formulated a beverage-friendly, water-soluble CBD oil that can be used in the development of CBD drinks and cocktails. The product, SoluCan BD, will revolutionize the CBD beverage space for developers looking to capitalize on a 22 billion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

“We always knew that there was a huge future in CBD beverages and creating a product that was water-soluble was key to making it as successful as possible,” said David Dafoe, founder of Flavorman. “This product is going to kick the doors wide open for entrepreneurs looking to claim a leading position in this fast-growing sector.”

Overcoming a significant technical challenge, Flavorman created a formulation that allows CBD to dissolve, not separate, when combined with liquid. This provides a consistent and uniform dose of 5% CBD in each serving of a beverage.

Flavorman began exploring their options for development in the CBD market in 2017. It is one of a handful of U.S. companies to recently announce they are exploring the potential for cannabidiol-use in the beverage industry. The goal at Flavorman is to develop more broadly marketable, easier-to-drink CBD-infused beverages.

“There is ample research and anecdotal evidence to support the health benefits of CBD,” says Dafoe. “That’s why we believe that SoluCan BD may be the most impactful functional ingredient for drinks since caffeine. We are working to deliver those benefits in carefully crafted, refreshing beverages that we believe have the potential to improve lives across the board.”

The 2014 Federal Farm Bill legally permitted Flavorman to develop hemp-based products as part of Kentucky’s Agricultural Department’s pilot program researching hemp’s viability as a crop. All hemp grown in compliance with the bill must have a THC content below 0.3 percent.

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Written on April 18, 2019.