Other Services

We offer value-added services for purely selfish reasons, like toasting to your success for example.

From Start Through Finish at Flavorman, we want your new drink brand to be successful, so we’re not going to leave you hanging once your beverage is developed. We offer an array of services that are included in our standard agreement to give you the best chance to succeed in your new venture. For example:

  • On-site quality control – We’ll not only help you find the right manufacturer for your product, but we’ll also provide on-site quality control to make sure your product is consistently FLAVOR First®.
  • Detailed blending instructions– Drink manufacturers need this information to ensure your beverage product is made properly. We’ll provide the instructions, spec sheets, MSDS, and COAs.
  • Nutrition Facts panel and ingredient statement – You’ll need this information for your new drink brand’s label.
  • FDA – and/or TTB-compliance label review – Our advisors will review your labels and advise you on changes or additions that need to be made.
  • 100 prototypes – These will help guide you through your marketing, fundraising, and sales meeting challenges.
  • Certification assistance – Whether your beverage product is Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, or organic, we’ll make sure you get the assistance you need to get certified.