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Written on March 10, 2021.

Just as fall marks the return of the pumpkin spice latte and winter the arrival of peppermint hot cocoa, every spring can be counted on to mark the homecoming of the Shamrock Shake–a creamy, green milkshake that has fascinated consumers ever since it hit select menus in 1970.

St. Patrick’s Day may be the third most popular drinking day in America, but green beer isn’t the only thing on the menu. An invention the famous global burger chain McDonald’s, the Shamrock Shake has become a coveted St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Ahead of the coming holiday, we’re exploring the origins and persisting success of this sweet treat.


Written on January 29, 2020.

Whether it’s a ski trip with friends or a cold evening around the bon fire, the kitchen pantry can usually be relied on to be stocked with everything you need to make the perfect heated beverage — hot chocolate. And while other powdered drinks (think fruit punch, lemonade, and instant coffee) have remained market favorites, none have been so popular as hot chocolate.

Written on December 18, 2019.

With the holidays upon us, beverage manufacturers have already stocked store shelves with our seasonal favorites. If you venture into the dairy section this time of year, then it’s likely that you’ll find a wall full of variations on the season’s most iconic drink — eggnog. But what exactly is this beverage and how did it become one of the most famous holiday treats? Ahead of National Eggnog Day this December 24th, we’re answering all your burning questions about ‘nog.

Written on November 27, 2019.

Yes, Thanksgiving is all about the food. But while the turkey is roasting in the oven and the stove top is a mess of flavorful activity, most families use beverages to keep their bellies quiet before the call of the dinner bell. From morning mimosas to delectable pumpkin pie martinis, we’ve got the perfect drinks to pair with your feast day excitement. Let’s dig in.