Photo by Jacek Reszko

Beverages allow us to connect with the culture and history of a place without even traveling there. Here are 10 popular drinks from around the world that will quench your international thirst.

Coffee – Ethiopia: The origins of one of the most common drink in the world can be found in the heart of east Africa. This coffee is hand roasted, ground, brewed, and traditionally served very hot after a meal.

Mango Lassi – India: A combination of yogurt, mango pulp, sugar, and cardamom, mango lassis are a popular household treat consumed as a palette cleanser or to help settle the stomach after a heavy meal.

Apple Cider – England: When Rome occupied England in 55 BC, apple cider became a household favorite. Seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and best served hot, apple cider is a popular fall and winter favorite to keep our taste buds happy and our hearts warm.

Bubble Tea – Taiwan: Adapted and altered in many parts of Asia, bubble tea is an infusion of tea with milk, fruit syrup or powder and the famous tapioca pearls. The beverage is consumed just about any time of the day, with any meal, and any friend!

Natural Orange Juice – The United States: During World War II, US soldiers were highly dissatisfied with lemon-crystal rations that were essential to providing nutrients and keeping them healthy. Frozen concentrated orange juice was developed to provide soldiers with necessary nutrients while allowing them to enjoy a tasty treat. Commonly served with breakfast, natural orange juice is extracted straight from squeezed oranges and is served fresh.

Kompot – Russia: Kompot is a popular non-alcoholic beverage that is served differently depending on the season. Creating this beverage is simple and can be tailored to taste preferences of the consumer; it is made by cooking fresh fruits (apples, peaches, strawberries, etc.) with water, sugar, and other sweeteners for flavor. This can include raisins, vanilla, and even cinnamon. Kompot can be served both hot and cold.

Mate – Brazil: Mate was first consumed by an indigenous tribe in southern Brazil. It is made by combining soaking dried yerba leaves in boiling water and brought to room temperature. Consumed both warm and cool, Mate is traditionally served in a calabash gourd with a metal straw.

Sangria – Spain: Considered an alcoholic “punch,” Sangria is a Spanish creation that infuses red wine and chopped fruit. Most fruits are citrus in nature to complement the sourness of red wine. Best served chilled, Sangria is easy to make and a great addition to any meal (even breakfast!).

Lemonade – Egypt: Although lemons originate from India, the earliest scripted evidence of Lemonade can be found in Egypt. Called qatarmizat, this lemonade is a combination of lemons and water flavored with sugar, dates, and honey, best served chilled.

Air Mata Kucing – Malaysia: This iced fruit drink combines winter melon, monk fruit, dried longan, sugar, and water. Translated to mean “Tears of the Cat’s Eyes,” this drink was traditionally served in bowls and consumed with spoons but is now served chilled in a glass in any way you like!

Written on February 7, 2019.