Howard Sturm of Dumante shares the story of his brand inspired by pasticcerias (or Italian coffee houses) and and the products he created with Flavorman, including pistachio-infused and handcrafted espresso liqueurs. Learn about his journey with this video, then let us know how Flavorman can help you change what the world is drinking.

About Dumante’s Products

“Dumante Verdenoce is handcrafted in select small batches in Italy with a slowly steeped genuine Sicilian pistachio infusion, natural craft ingredients and flavors, and fine Italian artisan spirits. Enjoy Dumante Verdenoce neat, on the rocks or mixed with other fine spirits and ingredients giving ultra premium Italian flair to craft cocktails such as our iconic, Sicilian Manhattan. The unique pistachio infusion and other flavors such as Madagascar Vanilla make it ideal for pairing with a wide variety of spirits and artisan ingredients.”

“Dumante Handcrafted Espresso Liqueur is inspired by the artistry and rich history of the perfectly pulled espresso shot. Enjoy a rich espresso experience with Dumante Espresso Liqueur neat, on the rocks or mixed with other fine spirits and artisan ingredients. Bottled in small batches at 40 proof and filtered to result in a crystal clear and crisp craft spirit, Dumante Espresso Liqueur blends beautifully with citrus , savory and other ingredients as well as a variety of spirits, preserving the appearance and taste of the perfectly prepared cocktail.” — Dumante

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Written on October 13, 2014.