Get Your Drink Concept Ready for Manufacturing

We’ve Helped Develop and Launch Hundreds of Brands

Drink manufacturing is the end of a very detailed technical process, and it’s a process we know well. From drink formulation to meeting regulatory mandates, Flavorman has helped countless brands develop and refine their drink concepts and processes. And while the drink manufacturing process can be complicated and wrought with pitfalls, working with Flavorman is a simple process.

All you need is a drink idea to get started, then we’ll provide:

  • Product consulting
  • Drink formulation
  • Product samples for market research
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Pre-production plannin
  • Nutritional/Supplement Facts
  • Shelf-life Testing
  • Quality control and compliance
  • Product concentrate for manufacture
  • On-site production assistance

Then we can hook you up with a contract manufacturer to meet your needs and location. In some cases we can handle small-scale manufacture and bottling.

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