Welcome to the new school. Beverage Boot Camp will teach you how to start a drink company and change what the world is drinking!

It’s great that you have an idea for a beverage, but you’ll still need to turn that concept into a commercial formulation. A beverage formula is the commercial recipe required by a co-packer to manufacture and bottle your drink so you can get it on store shelves — and ultimately into the hands of consumers.

In this video, explore the primary components of a beverage — the building blocks you’ll need to consider as you develop your drink idea into a beverage formulation. Your formulation will comprise of all the delicious liquid found inside your bottle or can, so it’s vital to get this one right!

Water, flavor, acids, sweeteners, preservatives, carbonation, and functional ingredients are only some of the elements you’ll need to think about; but whatever you decide to put into your drink will still need to be recreated accurately and consistently time and time again. Remember, you want to make sure that wherever your customer decides to pick up your drink, it tastes just as delicious every time. Consistency is important for the long term success of any beverage brand!


When you’re ready to get started on developing your dream drink, we hope you’ll consider partnering with the beverage experts at Flavorman. From start through finish, Flavorman’s tried and true process is designed to help entrepreneurs like you be successful as you launch your dream drink on the market. See how we do it here.

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Written on August 15, 2018.