Welcome to the new school – Beverage Boot Camp will teach you how to start a drink company and change what the world is drinking!

In Episode 3, we dive into beverage formulations. You have an idea or recipe, but you need to turn that idea into a formula that can be manufactured for store shelves! A beverage formulation is required from a co-packer (see episode 2) to bottle your beverage. In this video, we prepare you with the questions you will need to have in mind for creating your drink idea. The formulation is everything in your bottle or can, so it’s vital to get this one right!

The goal is to prepare you for what it takes to create a beverage formula, and what things to look for when working with a development partner. Flavorman takes you from start through finish? on your product idea and we want to help you realize your dream beverage.

We’re very excited about this opportunity to help educate the world on all things beverages, and we know you will learn something along the way. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to watch the latest episode!

Written on August 15, 2018.